Not a Rail Trail Cycle Trail Tours

Not a Rail Trail Cycle Trail Tours

We don’t want just to show you where to ride, we want to provide you with a complete experience that allows you to love each trail as much as we do.

The new cycle trails in the lower South Island and West Coast are in our playground. Unless you know this region really well, co-ordinating and organising accommodation, food, shuttles and bike hire can be difficult. Riding days without a support vehicle, in areas with nowhere to get bike repairs, few shops and even fewer toilets, requires plenty of planning and a bike maintenance course! The alternative? Join one of our organised, small group, fully supported and inclusive cycle tour experiences and have everything done for you.

We offer fully supported ‘experience’ tours on all the Great Rides accessible from Queenstown, generally for groups of up to 10 people although we do cater for private groups of up to 18, depending on the trail. We have a number of different cycle trail experiences in these areas:

Not a Rail Trail Cycle Trail Map

  1. Alps 2 Ocean (A2O) Cycle Trail: A2O Experience – Fully Inclusive, 6 days riding/6 nights
    Ride the trail from the official helicopter start at Mt Cook to finish in Oamaru at your own pace, on a fully supported, fully inclusive tour. Starting and finishing in Queenstown, the A2O Experience follows the entire trail. The Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail has incredible variety, every day has different trail surfaces and scenery ensuring it will appeal to almost everyone, mountain bikers, roadies and all ages and abilities.
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  2. Around the Mountains Trail: The Queenstown Experience – Fully Inclusive, 5 days riding/4 nights
    Ride the Queenstown trail through some of Otagos best wine country then lead into the Around the Mountains Cycle Trail, touted by many to become as popular as the Otago Rail Trail. Enjoy both Queenstown Cycle Trails at their best.
    Around the Mountains Cycle Tours…
  3. West Coast Wilderness Trail: West Coast Wilderness Experience – Fully Inclusive, 6 days/5 nights
    The West Coast Wilderness Cycle Trail and so much more. Start from Christchurch On the Tranzalpine, one of the top 10 train journeys in the world, cycle your way through the bush and alongside rugged beaches through to Ross, then continue your adventure visiting Glaciers, remote waterfalls and the stunning Haast Pass on the way to fly out of Queenstown.
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  4. Clutha Canyon Combo: Clutha Gold and Roxburgh Gorge Experience – Fully Inclusive, 2 to 3 days riding/2 nights
    Two Great Rides combined together that can be added to either the Around the Mountains or West Coast Wilderness Trails into a week long adventure! Start the combo on to the more flowing Clutha Gold and finish with the stunning Roxburgh Gorge with its jet boat adventure.
    Clutha Canyon Combo…
  5. Personalised Itineray
    It’s your tour, what do you want?
    Have specific dates in mind and have 6 or more people who want to ride together? Give us a call and we’ll see how we can help, ride one trail or several, you decide…
    Private Group Cycle Tours…

Still not sure? Compare the tours side by side:

Cycle Trail Tour Comparison

For information on any of the tours on these trails, please contact us…