Queenstown Cycle Trail

Queenstown Cycle Trail
 Queenstown Cycle Trail
Distance: Approx. 120km
Grade*: 2 to 4
Duration Fit:  2 to 3 days
Duration Leisurely: 4 to 5 days

Fitness: Average

Weather: Queenstown is in the mountains so be prepared for temperature extremes and afternoon breezes. And, if a southerly wind blows through, there is the potential for snow to low levels and cold nights, even in summer.

Overview: Rater than having a clear start and end to the trail, the Queenstown Trail centres itself from Queenstown and offers a number of day trip options towards Arrowtown, Gibbston Valley and Jacks Point. There is enough variety and difficulty to keep most cycle trail riders happy.


Queenstown Cycle Trail Description

The Queenstown Trail has so much variety that there are rides for beginners, novices and even advanced riders. The official website lists all the different options according to difficulty or the town you’d like to visit. There are easy options like the 15km Lake Wakatipu ride, intermediate options like the Twin Rivers ride that take you off the beaten track to discover the remote and rugged landscapes and some of the best picnic and fishing spots on the trail and then the advanced Jacks Points ride with stunning views of Lake Wakatipu and the surrounding mountains. Mix and match to create the perfect trip for your ability the weather and the time you have available.

We incorporate highlights of the Queenstown Trail into 2 of our tours, our Around the Mountains Experience and our West Coast Wilderness Experience. The exact route we choose on each tour depends on a number of factors, including the group ability/preferences and the weather.



Queenstown Trail Map


Want to ride this trail? We incorporate the best of the Queenstown trail into 2 of our tours:

West Coast Wilderness Experience

Around the Mountains Experience


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